Kids Suffer Electric Shocks In Playground Under Power Lines

Kids Suffer Electric Shocks In Playground Under Power Lines

Kids Suffer Electric Shocks In Playground Under Power Lines

Two very young kids of around 3 years old are reported to being “jolted” while playing in a playground that’s under high-voltage power lines in High Brooms, Kent. The live current running through the playground equipment is said to have a power level of 132,000 volts.

The outdoor playground equipment the kids were actually playing on were swings on Greggs Wood Road in High Brooms. Poppy, a 3-year old daughter to Shaun Veness, a local resident, started crying in pain as she was being pushed by her father. The father felt a bit of static when he popped the daughter Poppy on the swings and pushed her.

When Veness pushed his daughter again, the daughter started crying saying the swing hurt. That is when he decided to take her off the swing and he did he felt the chain. He concluded that it was not static he had felt but running current. Veness said he felt like a cattle fence and his hair was on end all day probably because of the jolt he received.

It is good that the three pieces of equipment that caused the electric shock were removed the same day Shaun made a complaint. Rachel Betts a mother of two who also lives in the local area talked about how horrific the situation was and she and her husband could not believe it. It is presumed that 132,000 volts carrying electricity power line are making the equipment a hazard. Sadly, this dangerous playground is on a housing estate developed by the Town and Country Planning Association where lots of young families reside.

An Electrical Safety First spokesman doubted a possibility of static but agreed that a live current may be running through chains of the children’s swings. A spokesman from the agency has attributed the bizarre incident to unique weather conditions. He also talked about investigations that were underway to get the cause of the shocks. He was unable to speculate further until the investigations were over.

The UK Power Network said that up to this point, the incident was not a result of faulty power lines since there are none on the edge of the play area. It is unfortunate that a great space such as an outdoor playground could cause accidents. It is obvious, there was slackening in the building of the playground and little or no thought was put in place. The installation of the outdoor play equipment was poorly done.

No research was done or maybe the entire thing could be the fault of the people who put up the power lines, who knows. The UK Power denies of any faulty power lines, so the ones who installed the swings may be the ones to blame. Whoever is being blamed, this should be a lesson even for those who didn’t suffer from the electric shocks. Ensure you find qualified and knowledgeable experts who can install outdoor play equipment well to achieve a fully safe play space.

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