Playstation’s newest VR hit available for $20 on Cyber Monday

Playstation’s newest VR hit available for $20 on Cyber Monday

Playstation’s newest VR hit available for $20 on Cyber Monday

Family entertainment has reached the levels imagined by all since the ’90s when the cinema made us marvel at the idea of ​​virtual reality! Since 1994, when the launch of its first console was made, the PlayStation brand has led the vanguard, in terms of video, sound and interaction experiences. The subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment is proud this time to present, for all its fans, the virtual reality module for homes now with a $20 discount in cyber Monday season in our online store.

PlayStation VR, is a modern visual device in the form of a helmet, adaptable to the controls and the PS4 console, which will make you experience your favorite game as if you were inside the screen. Your reflexes will wake up, your pupils will dilate and your heart will accelerate while your instincts teach you incredible sensations and new worlds so that you break your own brands and compete with all your friends. In the PS4 store you will find more than 100 games to enjoy, and only for Cyberlunes the opportunity to acquire them at the best price so that you can have it or give it to whoever you most want.

It’s time to revolutionize your experiences in video games and experience the magic that PS4 VR and the virtual reality company‌ ‌services have for you this Christmas. If the novelty becomes your enemy and adapt to the new perspectives of the game is a disadvantage for you, these are the best tips so that the installation of your equipment is not an inconvenience:

Verify that you have correctly connected the PS VR cables, the PS4 console, the PS camera, and the TV. If the console screen does not appear on your TV or on the VR helmet, check the connections or the user’s included guide again. Always connect PS VR using the supplied accessories. You can not combine different models of the VR helmet and the processor.

The camera is the most important accessory of your installation as it records your position, orientation and movement in the game. Keep in mind that they are well adjusted, that there are no vibrations and that you can play right in front of her.

1.Make sure that the clarity of the windows or any light source such as the computer or the reflections of the mirrors does not radiate towards the camera.

2.Remove all objects that are close to you before playing. Verify that the drivers are loaded and that you have disconnected the USB cable.

3.If you wear glasses, you should make sure that the glasses of the internal VR lenses and yours do not rub against each other. Do it slowly while moving your lenses to the viewfinder.

4.This Christmas do not miss the opportunity to have in your home the most advanced virtual reality device of the PS series. Take advantage of the end of the year offers and get in Cyberlunes for only $ 20 dollars the newest editions of the games that the Sony house has for you.

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